Baking with Aldi



I’ve been impressed with Aldi’s selection of baking ingredients over the last few years.  Organic sugars, pure cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, and all the other essentials and even many extras.

Chia seeds? Ground flax seed? all organic? Yes, please!

Dried fruit and nuts that don’t cost an arm and a leg? Thank you!

I mean, they even have organic eggs. ORGANIC EGGS.

Above are a couple of my favorites.  I really like Morena cane sugar in place of regular white sugar.  I feel a lot better about how it’s processed, and the flavor is great.  I’d use regular white sugar again, but only if absolutely necessary.  As long as I can get this at Aldi (so far I can – 3 different stores in 3 different states!), then I’m good.

The other item I love is the Organic “Light Brown” Sugar.  But first, know this: this is dark brown sugar.  With its strong molasses notes, there isn’t much light about it!  Regardless, it’s delicious and makes a wonderful Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie:


I’ve made these cookies at least a few dozen times, and this is the best they’ve tasted!

What you might not see here is the aromatic caramel taste that I have only achieved with this Aldi organic brown sugar.  It’s delicious and really elevates your typical Tollhouse.

Now, there is one major item missing from Aldi’s repertoire: whole wheat flour.  With their movement to make everything more natural in their store, they have neglected to include this key ingredient in healthier baking. 4 or 5 different kinds of sugar, only one kind of flour.

Also, I don’t do Aldi’s chocolate chips.  If they have improved over the last few years, let me know.  Their flavor just wasn’t chocolatey enough for me.

There you have it – a quick appraisal of Aldi’s baking ingredients.  You sure can make some show stoppers with what they have to offer.  It’s worth the trip to save the $$$.



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