Our life and Aldi

Like any other family in the 98% of America, we are looking to save money.

For us it may look different than others.  It’s not that we just like to save money, though that’s absolutely good in and of itself.  It’s that we need to save money.

We live in a small town in northern rural Iowa with an equally small economy.  In the past, when I started this blog on Blogger back in…2013?…we lived in the north suburbs of Chicago.

As you can imagine, the epicurean landscape of the two locales are starkly different, but we nevertheless needed to keep food spending to a minimum because food spending is where budgets can EXPLODE.

Also, we needed to save money then and now because the life that we lead, one in church ministry, is not usually one flush with cash (yes, some people do profit off the church, but that’s another blog post for another blog and another time).

And finally, why else do we have to save money wherever we can?  Two kids, ages 1 and 3.  Yes, we needed to save money back in 2013.  We both need to and MUST safe money on our food budget now, because, in particular, my one-year-old son eats as much as I do for every meal and has yet to slow down.  One may say it’s because he’s a boy, but I say it’s because the kid ways 28 pounds and is the size of a 2+-year-old.

So last week my husband loaded up at Aldi, and he spent a whopping $114 and change.  The receipt?




Yep, that long.  Of course it included some extra items like ice cream and at least 4 different kinds of curry sauce, but hey, 2 weeks-worth of groceries for that price means we get to pay rent, eat well, and have some money to, I don’t know…turn on the lights at night.

So while I am forced to cook a bit more simply with living in a small town than I did when I lived in the vast cultural landscape of Chicago, I can eat well in regard to both flavor and nutrition because I have an Aldi about 35 minutes away.  Yes, for me it’s worth the long trip, and yes, I do check out other stores for comparisons or even for some slightly better deals (though it’s rare that Aldi is not the cheapest there is).

But despite all this talk about money, my time is quite important, too, as is yours.  Rarely is it worth it for me to hop from store to store to buy single items, and my biggest expenses (dairy!!!!) direct me to where I will shop, and I just can’t go to 3 different places if I’d rather have some other store’s pasta or some other grocer’s produce. It needs to either be all there, or I’m not.

So I’m here to help you and me figure out if Aldi is worth all of our time and some of our cash.  Grocery shopping has never been more complicated, and maybe, just maybe, Aldi can make life a bit easier for all of us.  I’m here to tell you if that’s the case.


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