Aldi vs. Target: Journey to India – Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce

Hello again!

This time it’s Aldi vs. Target in an ethnic battle for the ages.  I am only slightly exaggerating, because jarred curry sauce + rice+ protein + vegetable is our quick and easy go-to in this house.

Some of you may be familiar with Target’s archer farms Tikka Masala sauce, and hopefully for good reason.  It’s a mild sauce that really can go with a wide variety of ingredients, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.  I wanted to see how this went with Aldi’s Journey to India Tikka Masala and see if their sauce had the same versatility as our typical Indian standby.

Now, I must admit: this is sauce isn’t at all what you’re going to get at your favorite Indian cafe, but if you’re too busy, too far, or too cash-strapped to afford the trip for the buffet and the mango lassi, you at least have this to enjoy!


Target’s sauce average price range: $2.99 – $3.50 (I’ve paid nearly $3.50 multiple times in the past) .  Aldi’s sauce average price: $1.99

Right off the bat, you see the difference in the two sauces.  Target’s sauce has a darker color and is a whole 4.2 oz. less than Aldi.  It claims to be mild in spiciness, while Aldi’s lighter-colored sauce features a medium-spice description.  Aldi’s version also is labeled as gluten-free, while Target’s is not. Aldi’s ingredients are handled on equipment that comes in contact with wheat, however, so that is problematic for those with celiac disease.


But do take a look at the first three ingredients of the sauces.  Frankly, Aldi wins out on this one with both content and quality.  Also, the spices simply excite me more with the Aldi version than with Target’s.  The caloric and fat levels are higher with Aldi, however, so if that is of concern to you, then it’s worth noting.  I, for one, prefer to eat fat rather than simple sugars, and after doing the math, you get just about the same amount per sauce.

Finally, let’s take a look at the two sauces.  First Aldi, then Target:




Aldi’s sauce spread out instantly, and it did show that the amount covered more of the pan and, therefore, more of the other ingredients.

The meal overall was so tasty from Aldi that I didn’t get a picture before it was gone!  It did definitely have more spice than Target’s sauce, so it was very tricky for my one-year-old son to eat.  My three-year-old daughter enjoyed it greatly, and my husband and I were very satisfied.  Target’s sauce is no problem at all for my son or the rest of my family, and we do enjoy it for the most part.

But if I had my way, and as the primary cook in the kitchen I often do, I’d just put some meat and vegetables aside for my son and slather the rest with Aldi’s sauce.  It was, simply, more complex and exciting for the palette. And with a whole $1.00-$1.50 less in price, it will be my go-to Tikka Masala for from here-on-out.

Verdict in Aldi vs. Target: Aldi wins!





  1. Sandy · June 13

    I bought this from aldis so im going to give it a try

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tkandersen · 10 Days Ago

    It’s some good stuff


    • laurajean3 · 8 Days Ago

      Yes! And I’ll tell you what – I tried the Target one again recently, and it’s almost tasteless now. It reduces to so little in the pan and doesn’t flavor the ingredients well at all. It has been true across the spectrum of their curry sauce flavors of late.


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