Key Lime Crunch Yogurt

I love Chobani Flips Key Lime Pie yogurt, and when I saw the Aldi version, called Tilts, I had to give it a try. 

The Chobani flips are something I would allow myself as an escape for when I actually couldn’t. After all, if you can’t fly to Key West, at least you could eat something to have life taste like you’re there!

So, did this Aldi version live up to the test? 

My answer: sort of. You’ll see that the yogurt was quite creamy and there were plenty of toppings to go on it. In fact, I’d say that the Tilts had slightly more toppings than the Flips. 

Another bonus is that I didn’t find a single ingredient I would never eat. This said, there is soy in this food, so if you’re adverse to that, you might speak differently. 

The yogurt itself had a tart yet sweet flavor, and it was colored (as all key lime yogurts are) with natural coloring: tumeric! 

The “white chunks,” as described, actually did taste a bit like white chocolate. This, however, is where the two yogurts depart. The white chocolate chips in the Flips is quite prominent and really compliments the key lime flavor. The white chunks in the Tilts are good, but you need to get a spoonful to notice they are there. 

The graham cracker part of the topping was unimpressive. With theFlips, they have graham cracker crumbles, which actually taste like the crust of a key lime pie. These, while not bad at all, just tasted  very simple, if not a penny-pinching generic brand, and they only added texture, not flavor, to the dish. 

The price as usual, is where Aldi outperformed. I got this yogurt for $0.89, while I never personally have seen Chobani Flips for less than a dollar when they are on sale. 

Overall, I’d say these Aldi Tilts are worth trying and even worth buying if you need a key lime fix. But go for the Chobani Flips if you want that key lime pie experience straight from your fridge. 



  1. Mel · 24 Days Ago

    Actually prefer the ones from Aldi’s. Never liked Greek Yogurt at all. Tried this because the last few years I’ve been trying to like Greek Yogurt since that’s basically all you can find now a days and I have never liked Chobani (ick). The friendly farms was so tasty and so good! The price is unbeatable. Actually saw the Chobani version on sale at my local store and thought – well if I liked the “cheap” version I bet these are amazing. Had to throw it out halfway through. Tasted rancid almost. Not good at all. I’ll stick with the Aldi one!


    • laurajean3 · 8 Days Ago

      Hey Mel!
      I’m wondering if the Chobani yogurt was bad, as in expired or had a defect in the packaging somehow? I don’t doubt that you like the Aldi one better (and almost always priced better!), but your description had me wondering such a thing. Anyway, happy eating and happy shopping at Aldi!


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